Sergio’s Backpack Drops the Newest Addition to Your Soundtrack

His next single, “Durag,” is set to release December 15th, 2021


Sergios’s Backpack will be releasing his newest single “Durag” alongside The Upstate Sound. This will be the label’s first official release. The single will drop on Wednesday, December 15th, two days before the typical “new music Friday” release day.

Previously known as Sergiotheintrovert—Sergio Escarfuller—rebranded himself as Sergio’s Backpack and released three singles last year.

Sergio’s Backpack is a pioneer in Nashville. His music is part of the current transformation happening in Music City. While Nashville will always be home to legendary country music, venues, and artists, the traditional sound is changing with artists like Sergio’s Backpack. More and more hip-hop artists are getting recognition locally without having to move to big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, thanks to audiences expanding their music palate.

Want to help transform Nashville? Stream “Durag” by Sergio’s Backpack, out December 15th on all platforms.

By SAVANNAH CASTRONOVA | A&R Assistant Intern |

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